PACTIUS Contract Management
Optimise the bottom line with operational contract management

PACTIUS Contract Management offers you an applicable and operational contract management system whether you require simple filing systems of your contracts for follow-up or monitoring of rights, obligations and complex deliveries.


In an examination among Danish companies and authorities, 84 pct. estimates that they can gain benefits through better contract management. However, 50 pct. have challenges with their current system support which in most caes are both complex and heavy.

With PACTIUS Contract Management, you get an easy to use and operational tool which can be used to anything from simple storage of contracts to follow-up on rights, obligations and complex oders on big it- and outsourcing contracts.

Efficient contract management 
A contract management system adaptable to the actual needs of the individual user.

Intuitive features 
PACTIUS consists of a number of features allowing for an efficient and intuitive approach.

Monthly payment 
PACTIUS is subject to monthly payments based on the number of users.

Reduce business costs

Simple filing procedures providing you with an overview, effortless management and follow-up on obligations, secured documentation and risk management may contribute to a significant reduction in the time and resources spent.

Optimise operation

PACTIUS Contract Management has been developed to guarantee the most efficient management of an organisation’s contracts, including an optimisation of its bottom line.

Efficient risk management

PACTIUS ensures efficient risk management and makes it easy for you to guarantee compliance with rights and obligations of your corporate contracts. The system includes various features that help reduce the risk entailed in contract management.

In PACTIUS, the operational structuring of the contract plays an important part of the ongoing follow-up on your own and the other party’s obligations. PACTIUS has been designed to easily and expediently break down the contract into operational and structured obligations. So, it is possible to break down the contract into the smallest possible operational detail depending on the depth of management chosen by the individual enterprise or organisation.

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You can download a fact sheet about PACTIUS Contract Management and read more about the system below.

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