Data Processor Audit Service  
DPA Service - the effective way to control your data processors

As a Data Controller or authority, you are required to monitor all of your data processors and ensure that they comply with the law. But how can this potentially difficult and time-consuming task be solved simply and effectively? We have the answer to that.

Effective control of your data processors

DPA Service is a tailor-made digital solution that makes it easy and simple as a data controller to verify that one's data processors are acting in accordance with the rules within the field.


As a data management company or authority, you are required to continuously monitor your data processors and you must be able to document compliance with the Data Protection Authority at all times. Costs can be huge for organizations that do not comply to the rules. In addition to a possible fine of up to 4 percent of the organization's annual revenue, failure to control data processors could mean serious data leaks as well as loss of reputation.

DPA Service is quality assured and developed in collaboration with Bech-Bruun's legal experts.

Easy way to better control

DPA Service is specially designed to perform and document control of data processors. We have combined Bech Bruun's legal expertise with new technology to enable the data controller to control its data processors quickly, safely and effectively.


DPA Service is a specially developed digital questionnaire that allows you to maintain ongoing control. The solution provides real insight into the organization's data processors and their handling of personal information. The insights are gathered in operational reports from which the data controller can act. In this way, unnecessary resources can be avoided to make up you own development and operation of control procedures.

The 6 steps of the control

02. Questionnaire sent

.legal sends a digital questionnaire to the data processors on behalf of the data controller

04. Analysis and scores

DPA service then analyzes the responses automatically and the data processors get a compliance score in a number of key areas.

06. Follow-up

Finally, the data management organization, together with .legal, assesses a follow-up need based on the report.

01. Mapping

As a data management organization, you inform .legal about which data processors should be checked in the DPA service.

03. Questionnaire answered

The data processors answer the questionnaire - either on mobile, tablet or computer.

05. Reporting

The data management organization subsequently receives an operational report on each data processor with information on the overall compliance level and general recommendations.

Simple process and operational reports

DPA Service stands for Data Processor Audit Service and is a digital controller of data processors. The control is performed with a questionnaire that is sent electronically to your data processors. The questions have been specially developed by Bech Bruun's legal experts and are constantly updated on the basis of the Danish Data Protection Agency's guidance.


For each control, an operational report is generated, where as a data management organization you gain insight into the compliance scores of its data processors. The compliance score is based on a legal assessment of the importance of various parameters in relation to compliance with applicable legislation in the field of personal data.


The results of your audit are compiled into clear audit reports that contain specific recommendations to help you make decisions. The reports provide you with a professional reporting format and can be downloaded at any time.


For more information about SmartDraft please contact Brian Østberg, Head of Sales, at +45 2789 8661. 

You can also download a fact sheet here

  • Fixed annual payment based on the number of controls which should be completed.

  • Already completed controls can be repeated without additional costs in the contract period.


Access to questionnaire

Interim audit of the questions carried out by legal experts

Danish and English version

Mail and telephonic support to your data processors

Continuous follow-up on answers

Operational data processor audit-reports

Operational management report

Final reporting of status with general notes

1.500 DKK p.a. excl. VAT*

*Start-up fee: 10.000 DKK

* In case of less than 20 controls, the price is 30.000 DKK p.a. excl. the start-up fee

Price model

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